Bandhan Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card

Bandhan Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card

Free insurance Higher daily transactions Higher & secure transactions
Enjoy the convenience of higher spends without exchanging cash

Higher daily transactions limit:

Meet all your domestic and international payment requirements using your Visa Platinum Debit Card

  • Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit – ₹1 lakh

  • Daily purchase transaction limit – ₹4 lakh

Log into Internet Banking or Mobile Banking or visit your nearest Bandhan Bank branch to change (increase or decrease) transaction limit on your Debit Card to suit your payment needs. Please note the limits can be set up to the aforementioned daily transaction limits (Permissible limit) on your Debit Card.

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  • Stay protected using secure online shopping and quick & convenient contactless payments using NFC enabled EMV chip technology


Free insurance features as given below:

  • Personal Accidental Insurance Cover – Cover of ₹10 lakh in case of death by road/rail accident and ₹1 crore in case of death by air accident (air ticket must have been purchased using Bandhan Bank Visa Platinum card).

  • Purchase Protection – Cover of up to ₹2 lakh applicable on articles purchased using this card, provided the cardholder undertakes to declare the value and date of purchase. The cover is available for the first 90 days from the date of purchase of the articles.

  • Lost Cards Liability Cover (including counterfeit/skimming/online fraud) - You will not have any liability towards any fraudulent transactions up to maximum cap of ₹3.5 lakh per card on your Bandhan Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card.

*Please refer the applicable terms and conditions.

  • Contactless Debit Card for quick and convenient transactions

    If contactless logo is not available on your Bandhan Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card, please request for a reissuance of Card. View details and FAQs on contactless debit card usage.

Note: As per RBI guidelines, w.e.f. 16th March 2020, Debit Cards issued are enabled for usage at domestic ATMs and merchant outlets. You can enable domestic online payments, International payment and contactless transactions on your Debit Card by logging on to Bandhan Bank Internet Banking or mBandhan, our Mobile Banking App, or by visiting your nearest Bandhan Bank branch. Please note PAN is mandatory for all international transactions and the usage shall be within the LRS limit.

Know how to generate/re-generate your debit card PIN

To view details, click here

Listed below are the applicable Terms & Conditions for Personal Accidental Insurance, Purchase Protection and Lost Cards Liability Cover

Personal Accident (Death Only)

  • In the event of the insured person having multiple cards, the personal accident claim would be payable on one card only.
  • The cover is applicable only to active cards. Active cards are defined as any card used at least once within 30 days from the date of incident.
  • Policy coverage includes accidental death due to rail/road/air accident.
  • In the event of accidental death arising out of aircraft, schedule Airlines etc. as defined under the policy the claim would be payable only if the ticket is purchased from the covered debit card.
  • Pilots, armed forces, police, air crew are not covered in case of air accident.
  • Period of intimation of the incidence to the insurer is 90 days
  • Coverage is applicable worldwide


Lost Card Liability

  • Reporting period: 3 days pre-reporting and 7 days post reporting cover.
  • All fraudulent utilisation of lost or stolen covered debit cards including at point of sale and merchant establishments transactions are covered.
  • ATM frauds defined as fraudulent cash withdrawal and fraudulent transactions from stolen/lost cards.
  • ATM related transactions covered, provided that it is not done by the cardholder/authorised person.
  • Any PIN based transactions (like ATM, internet, telephone, etc.) are covered, provided the PIN is acquired under duress by unauthorised person.
  • All losses arising from break of second level of authorisations are not covered.
  • Internet banking frauds is defined as fraudulent transactions being made on the internet by use of lost/stolen cards.
  • Pre-delivery fraud is not covered.
  • Coverage of cards forgotten by the customer in the ATM will be covered provided the card is used by unauthorised person using card no. & CVV.
  • FIR/GD is to be mandatorily submitted in case of lost card.
  • The insured must cancel the card as soon as practicable, but in any event, not more than after the date of loss.
  • Coverage is applicable worldwide.



  • Any fraudulent use of a Bank Card(s) where property, labour or services are sold and delivered by a merchant to an individual purporting to be the cardholder using telephones, fax machines, postal services or a computer-based system or network.
  • Losses arising out of duplicate or counterfeit cards as issued by the Bank created without the cardholder’s knowledge
  • The insured must cancel the card as soon as practicable, within 3 days, after receipt of notification of the unauthorised access or theft.
  • Reporting period is 3 days pre-reporting and 1-day post reporting cover.
  • Counterfeit card shall mean a card which has been embossed or printed so as to pass off as a card issued by the Bank which is subsequently altered or modified or tampered with, without consent of the Bank named in Part I of the Schedule.


Online Fraud Protection

  • Phishing/account takeover - Any fraudulent loss or damage arising due to information obtained by unauthorized access to sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and any card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication which is not owned, operated or contracted by the insured or the insured Bank’s card processor.
  • The policy covers all online fraudulent utilisation of debit cards using the authorized CVV (Card Verification Value Code) issued to the cardholder by the Bank.
  • Covers liability arising out of any loss or damage of card transactions using the authorized PIN issued to the cardholder by the Bank.
  • Reporting Period - 3 days pre-reporting and 1-day post reporting cover.
  • There would be no payment for any claim directly or indirectly arising from, or occasioned by, or due to:
    • Loss incurred by the cardholder because of misuse of debit card at any site not having authorized Verisign Security status or any other equivalent security status at any point in time for the entire period of the insurance
    • Any failed/ duplicate/ declined transactions by host website/ authorised bank
    • Any errors made by the host website/authorised bank
  • Internet banking frauds is defined as fraudulent transactions being made on the internet by use of lost/stolen cards.


Purchase Protection

Cover against Standard Fire and Allied perils and Burglary in residential premises of the cardholder as per the records of the Bank only:

  • Cover valid for purchases on Bandhan Bank Visa Platinum Debit Cards only
  • Cover is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase