Remittance (through Bank)


Global availability Same day credit into beneficiary’s account​
Quick, easy and secure way to send and receive money globally

Inward Remittance (Wire Transfer)

  • Inward remittance is accepted in US Dollars (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP) and Euro (EUR)

  • Same day credit given to beneficiary upon receipt of funds  

  • Convenient opening of Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) Deposit 

  • Wire transfer can be made up to any amount subject to limits prescribed as per existing FEMA Regulations 

  • Our SWIFT code is: BNDNINCC 

  • Correspondent Bank details:



Swift Code 



State Bank of India, New York 


0 – 500 


501 – 1000  

USD 10 

1001 – 10000 

USD 20 

10001 & Above 

USD 30 


State Bank of India, Frankfurt 


0.15% of the instructed amount with minimum Euro 23.00 and maximum of Euro 150.00. No charge if instructed amount is less than Euro 200.00 


ICICI Bank, London



GBP 10

101 & Above

GBP 20

Outward Remittance  

  • Same day remittance done for Outward Remittance cases 

  • For more details on Outward Remittance, contact your nearest Bandhan Bank branch 

Inward Remittance 

  • No charges by Bandhan Bank 

  • Competitive currency conversion rate 

Outward Remittance  

  • Rs.500 + applicable tax + any other charges applied by overseas bank​

  • No charges for outward remittance if funds are transferred out of balance held in FCNR Deposit​

Inward Remittance 

  • Recipient can be an NRI/Resident individual 

Outward Remittance 

  • Sender can be an NRI/Resident individual 

  • If remitter is an Indian Resident individual, the same would be considered under Current Account/Capital Account transaction under Liberalised Remittance Scheme 

  • KYC documents 

  • Application Form A2 

  • PAN  

  • One-year vintage/IT/one-year statement from another bank 

  • Document required as per the purpose code