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Bajaj Allianz Income Assure

Guaranteed income for 144 days
Lumpsum maturity benefits​

Guaranteed income for 144 months followed by lumpsum maturity benefit

  • Flexibility of limited premium paying term
  • Two options of “Income” and “Assure” with different payouts
  • Tax benefit as per prevailing tax laws

Bajaj Allianz POS Goal Suraksha

Endowment plant
Guaranteed sum at maturity​

Secure endowment plan that offers guaranteed sum at maturity

  • Guaranteed additions at maturity
  • Limited premium payment term
  • Loan available on policy

Bajaj Allianz Lifestyle Secure

Term plan
Inbuilt accelerated terminal illness benefit​

Term plan with inbuilt accelerated terminal illness benefit

  • No medical examination / tests required
  • Security for the family with regular income
  • Tax benefit as per prevailing tax laws

HDFC Life Sanchay Plus

Savings insurance plan

Savings insurance plan that offers guaranteed returns

  • Lifelong income option – Tax-free guaranteed income till 99 years of age
  • Optional riders available for increased protection coverage
  • Guaranteed maturity benefits

HDFC Life Sanchay PAR Advantage

Added security for your family with regular income and a corpus

  • Life cover with protection up to age 100 years
  • Choice between Immediate Income or Deferred Income
  • Flexibility to accrue survival benefit payouts

HDFC Life Sanchay

Guaranteed benefits
Choice of investment horizon​

Investment horizon of your choice that yields guaranteed benefits

  • Non-participating insurance plan
  • High and guaranteed benefits depending on policy term
  • Flexibility to choose payment terms and premium payment options

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