Bajaj Allianz Income Assure

Bajaj Allianz Income Assure

Guaranteed income for 144 days Lumpsum maturity benefits​
Rest assured about your family’s welfare with guaranteed income
  • Non-linked, participating, limited premium payment, endowment plan 

  • Guaranteed monthly income for 144 months 

  • Lumpsum maturity benefit paid after 144 months of monthly payout 

  • Two options of “Income” and “Assure” – death benefit as monthly income or lumpsum 

  • Flexibility of limited premium paying term  

  • Tax benefit as per prevailing tax laws 


  • As per underwriting norms, rates are defined which are individual customer specific. Insurance is underwritten by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. | IRDAI Reg. No. 116.

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  • Entry age 

    • Minimum – 0 year 

    • Maximum age is 50 years
      Risk cover will commence immediately on date of commencement of risk of the policy and, in the case of a minor life, policy will vest on the life assured on the earlier of attainment of majority, (i.e., 18 years age last birthday) or on maturity date  

  • Maturity age 

    • Minimum - 18 years

    • Maximum - 74 years 

  • Policy term 

    • 17, 19, 22, 24 years 

  • Premium paying term 

    • 5, 7, 10, 12 years 

  • Premium amount 

    • Minimum 

    Variants Premium (in ₹)
    Income 21,965 per annum/1,977 monthly
    Assure 22,058 per annum / 1,985 monthly
    Premium for female life will be based on the premium rate of 3 years younger male
    • Maximum - As per maximum sum assured 

  • Premium payment frequency – yearly and monthly. Monthly premium frequency is only allowed under auto-debit process 

  • Guaranteed Monthly Income (GMI)  

  • Minimum as below 

Age Multiplier
5 years 1100
7 years 1400
10 years 1800
10 years 2100
  • Maximum – no limit, subject to prevailing board approved underwriting guidelines 

  • Sum assured 

    • Minimum – 144* Minimum GMI chosen 

    • Maximum – no limit, subject to prevailing Board approved underwriting guidelines 

  • Identify proof 

  • Age proof 

  • Address proof 

  • Recent photograph 


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