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Suraksha Home Loan

Quick & easy home loan

Take a step towards owning your dream home with minimum documentation

  • Loan available for purchase/construction / extension of house
  • Formal income proof required 
  • Loan amount – Up to 90% of the cost of property (includes land and construction)
  • Minimum tenure – 1 year; maximum tenure – 30 years  

Sajavat Home Loan

Renovate your home​

Don’t delay the home repair/renovation that you have wanted for so long​

  • Flexible repayment tenure - up to 15 years
  • Maximum funding - up to 80% of the cost of repair work

Su-awas Home Loan

For your pakka / semi-pakka house​

Get funding for your pakka/semi-pakka home, even if you do not have a regular salary

  • Flexible repayment tenure - up to 10 years for construction and 5 years for renovation

Suvidha Home Loan

Home loan without a formal income proof

Bring home the convenience of a loan without a formal income proof

  • No formal income proof required
  • Income for loan amount assessed based on the applicant’s cash flow