NRE Standard Savings Account

NRE Standard Savings Account

Park your foreign earnings Get attractive returns Tax-free interest​
Park your overseas earnings in India for attractive returns

Exclusive features 

  • Ideal for parking income earned outside India  

  • Direct remittance from your overseas bank account 

  • Easy access to your account from any Bandhan Bank branch across India 

  • Competitive exchange rates on conversion of your foreign currency into rupees 

  • Monthly Average Balance – ₹5,000 

  • Attractive rate of interest in your Savings Account balance 

  • Interest earned on NRE accounts is exempt from Indian Income Tax 

Higher transaction limits and a host of benefits  

  • ‘At par’ cheque facility – 20 leaves free every month 

  • Unlimited free cash withdrawal at Bandhan Bank ATMs and 5 free transactions at other bank ATMs every month 

  • Convenient Electronic Fund Transfer facility – 5 IMPS/RTGS/NEFT transactions free every month 

Convenient banking 

  • Mandate holder facility for easy account operation by your friend/relative residing in India 

  • Standing Instruction mandate involving Bandhan Bank accounts for periodic fund transfer to other accounts, payment of Recurring Deposit instalments, etc. 

  • Exclusive Debit Card benefits

  • Passbook facility 

  • Nomination facility 

  • Easy and safe Net Banking, Phone Banking, Mobile Banking  

  • Free transaction alerts through SMS and email for all major transactions in your account  

  • 24/7 customer support available at: +91 33 6633 3333 OR 1800 258 8181 (India Toll-Free) 

  •  A non-residential individual of Indian nationality or of Indian origin 

You can use your Indian or foreign passport for account opening. Key documents required in either case are as below. For further information, write to us at

Using Indian Passport 

  • Identity proof – valid Indian Passport will suffice 

  • NRI/PIO proof – Visa/Resident Permit/Overseas ID  

  • Passport size photograph 

  • Tax details – PAN/Form 60 (if PAN is not available) and Tax Identification Number in FACTA 

  • Address proof (any one): 

    • Passport 

    • Driver's Licence 

    • National Population Register 

    • Certificate of Voter Registration/Electoral Register Entry/Voter’s ID issued by Govt. of India 

    • NREGA Card 

    • Resident Permit Cards bearing address 

    • Aadhaar/E-aadhaar  

Using Foreign Passport 

  • Identity proof – valid foreign Passport will suffice 

  • NRI/PIO proof – PIO/OCI Card or any one of the below: 

    • Self-attested copy of Indian Visa  

    • Self-attested copy of cancelled Indian Passport of applicant  

    • Self-attested copy of Indian Passport (valid or cancelled) of spouse/parent/grandparent/great grandparent of applicant + relationship proof copy  

    • Self-attested copy of PIO/OCI card of Spouse/parent/grandparent/great grandparent of applicant + relationship proof copy  

    • PIO declaration (only possible if your place of birth is India) 

  • Passport size photograph 

  • Tax details – PAN/Form 60 (if PAN is not available) and Tax Identification Number in FACTA 

Easily manage income earned in India or abroad

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